Respond to your children with love

Respond to your children with love in their worst moments, their broken moments, their angry moments, their selfish moments, their lonely moments, their frustrated moments, their inconvenient moments; because it is in their most unlovable human moments that they most need to feel loved.― L. R. Knost

Ethical will: Education

Internal obstacles to writing this entry I've been thinking of writing an ethical will entry on education for some time now, but it's been challenging for me to begin. For me, there are three obstacles: The strong personal association I draw between Judaism and placing a high value on education, which I worry may come… Continue reading Ethical will: Education

HaShem, or: Elohim

She deserves a poem true Her faithfulness confuses me Just yesterday after pre- school I'd picked her up -my pup- she spoke with such indignity about a friend -a six-year- old- who wrote God's name and "put an 'X'" "Do you mean she crossed it out?" "Yes and said her fam- ily does not believe,… Continue reading HaShem, or: Elohim

Six-year-old burgeoning poet

A couple of days ago, you provided me with an outpouring of wonderful advice, as to how I might nurture and develop my six-year-old daughter's poetry talents. Truly, the many suggestions for approaches, games, techniques... were simply amazing. Thank you so very much. By coincidence, the very following day my six-year-old told me that she… Continue reading Six-year-old burgeoning poet

Teaching poetry to children? Help!

Despite have been born in and growing up in Israel, my six-year-old speaks, reads, and writes English better than she does Hebrew. In fact, I think she also writes and reads (and maybe speaks) better Russian than Hebrew, thanks to her mother's efforts. Anyway, as I've mentioned in passing, our little girl is well aware… Continue reading Teaching poetry to children? Help!

The best hamburger of my lifetime

Hamburgers with Papa One of my fondest recollections of Papa is his love of unhealthy food. This was one of the perks of having Papa pick me up from various afterschool activities and friends' houses - one could never know if he might be in the mood for hamburgers. Come to think of it, Papa… Continue reading The best hamburger of my lifetime

Seedling, or: Watering can

My first tanka Sprouting eagerly; Stretching, absorbing learning, Seedling roots search deep ~ Humble grey watering can; Though I get refilled daily EIF Poetry Challenge #14: Tanka The above poem is my entry for Ingrid's most recent poetry challenge. She provides a very thorough explanation of tanka poems for those who are curious to know… Continue reading Seedling, or: Watering can