Teaching poetry to children? Help!

Despite have been born in and growing up in Israel, my six-year-old speaks, reads, and writes English better than she does Hebrew. In fact, I think she also writes and reads (and maybe speaks) better Russian than Hebrew, thanks to her mother's efforts. Anyway, as I've mentioned in passing, our little girl is well aware… Continue reading Teaching poetry to children? Help!

The best hamburger of my lifetime

Hamburgers with Papa One of my fondest recollections of Papa is his love of unhealthy food. This was one of the perks of having Papa pick me up from various afterschool activities and friends' houses - one could never know if he might be in the mood for hamburgers. Come to think of it, Papa… Continue reading The best hamburger of my lifetime

Seedling, or: Watering can

My first tanka Sprouting eagerly; Stretching, absorbing learning, Seedling roots search deep ~ Humble grey watering can; Though I get refilled daily EIF Poetry Challenge #14: Tanka The above poem is my entry for Ingrid's most recent poetry challenge. She provides a very thorough explanation of tanka poems for those who are curious to know… Continue reading Seedling, or: Watering can

Two teeth, or: A reminder

My 6-year-old lost two teeth in one day; and, as always, she had something to say. To her father the blogger, she said: Might this not augur a sweet poem about me- sans cliché? Dedicated with love to my precious little daughter, who asked me to write a poem on the occasion of her losing… Continue reading Two teeth, or: A reminder

Fairies, or: Favors

On Friday, our six-year-old lost her 7th and 8th baby teeth within the span of a few hours. The first had been noticeably wobbling so we weren't surprised at the event when she bit down into a crunchy cookie, but the second one came out unexpectedly, while we were having Shabbat dinner. We were both… Continue reading Fairies, or: Favors

Holiday thoughts: Jewish v. Not

Chanukah ended, and though I haven't written a word about it yet, I have been mulling something over quite a bit. Traditionally, there's a song that Jews sing after reciting the blessings and lighting the candles of the chanukiah 🕎. This song is called Ma'oz Tzur ("Strong Rock"), and there exists a popular, non-literal English… Continue reading Holiday thoughts: Jewish v. Not

Social skills taught at preschool

The Jerusalem municipality offers a service to selected children at preschools to help them improve their social skills, as I just found out today. Upon my dropping off our daughter at preschool this morning, the head teacher asked to speak with me and told me that she had selected her as one of seven children… Continue reading Social skills taught at preschool

First grade for my Israeli daughter

Thank goodness for Israel Moving [back] to Israel as an adult has had its ups and downs for me, but I can honestly say that I've never doubted my decision for one simple reason: our daughter's Jewish upbringing and education. I've written in the past about the simple comfort and fulfilment of living as a… Continue reading First grade for my Israeli daughter