Chocolate, or: Death

A Choka the candy drawer not the package of cookies on that tall side shelf nor the four pints of ice cream behind the ice tray the bread the fish the dumplings up in the freezer not even the nutella jar she'll have chocolate or death Choka? The most intricate Japanese Poetry form is the… Continue reading Chocolate, or: Death

Life, or: Box of chocolates

Poetry Partners #133 'Bitter yet sweet', a poem by kalabalu of 'My Blog free thoughts' So sweet yet bitter just like life. Melts in hands and lips You lick those free You want more and more It has calories Give you worries Is expensive Still, you want it More with variety Wrapping is attractive Yet… Continue reading Life, or: Box of chocolates

Gourmet beauty, or: A gaze

A 'Dizain' Luscious, thick flavors swirl and stream Marshmallow; she's flushing... so cute Waffles topped with vanilla cream Seeing her lips renders me mute My mind is blank; I taste fresh fruit I cannot tear my gaze away Swallow... mm... mango chardonnay Strawberries tease my tongue anew Her woman's come-hither hips sway She's molten chocolate… Continue reading Gourmet beauty, or: A gaze