Theology, or: Perspective

My 2nd Clogyrnach A narrative poem My God's far beyond my beyond But to his presence I respond Oft He shows His love Light streams from above My beloved I'm so fond He drops flakes of manna for me Showering generosity Towards them I swim Towards the Great Rim My tears brim So meekly He… Continue reading Theology, or: Perspective

Netanyahu, or: Not

My first Clogyrnach Once again, we head to the polls; Each pol drags the rest through the coals; Our PMโ€™s on trial; Likudโ€™s in de Nile; We taste bile In our souls This is our fourth(!) vote in two years, Not that our top leadership cares; Clinging to power, While voters here sour And glower… Continue reading Netanyahu, or: Not