Lenses, or: Contact

A dribble Poems don't count. People do. Words; syllables; letters aren't you ~ only windows to look through. Stained glass distorts truth. The dribble The dribble is a brief poem consisting of exactly 100 letters (not 100 characters—spaces and punctuation are not counted). The name of the dribble is derived from the micro-fiction form known… Continue reading Lenses, or: Contact

Considered armed, or: Dangerous

A 'Waltz wave' cRR... DAMN it! Of- ficer, can... Khhh khHH... me? Come in, Offi- CRR; ShZZTt; bzTztTT... Suspect is in a... kRRS; grkTZtt; zztt... HEADING SOUTH on Broad... kRzt; ZTsRzt; gRkt... all u- nits, be advised... zKtt; cRrt... con- sid- ered... Zkkkzk... and...

Blogging without barriers

My undergraduate degree is in engineering, but, as I've written before, it was a mistake for me to pursue that path because my strengths have never been in the sciences, nor in mathematics. I should have listened to Papa at the age of eighteen when I was applying to universities; I should have pursued a… Continue reading Blogging without barriers

WordPress versus Facebook

I’ve long felt that it takes tougher skin than mine to surrender one’s name and face to a public discourse limited by inflamed emotions and finite keystrokes, but ideas of this era must take a stand online.-Me, Times of Israel, Nov. 2014 By November of 2014, I had already been effectively offline for several years.… Continue reading WordPress versus Facebook

Sorrow, or: Tomorrow

My 2nd Awdl Gwydd Massaging words into verse ~ this blasted curse Life gave me; Prose oft feels... not... quite... enough to set this stuffed up mind free Sometimes, smooth stanzas don't flow to my deep woe and sorrow; But when rhymes thwart this tired quill, there still awaits tomorrow Dissatisfaction with the 1st I… Continue reading Sorrow, or: Tomorrow