Together, or: Eventually

A concrete poem better viewed on blog (not WP reader) there you are stretching upwards and sideways squirming wriggling everywhere going nowhere even the walls are beyond you are trapped in a narrow cup going nowhere but down down down and out eventually but we do have a bit of time together, don't we? stay… Continue reading Together, or: Eventually

Go with the flow? or: Hardly

A concrete quadrille burble whoosh STREAM trout turtle pebble swish THE turtle ripple crayfish AGAINST stonewort plankton algae GO bubble stonewort TO ripple rock snails rock TEND trout burble ripple ALWAYS whoosh bulrushes I REASON whoosh larvae SOME FOR crayfish splash BUT WHY crab KNOW DONโ€™T I d'Verse The above free verse poem is my… Continue reading Go with the flow? or: Hardly