The hard way, or: We can do this

Poetry Partners #189 'Delusions', a poem by Rose of 'Reflections' I would have stayed; you only had to ask. I was in pain when I was with you. I was in pain when you left too. it didn’t make any sense for the longest time I can remember; I blamed myself. I didn’t realise that… Continue reading The hard way, or: We can do this

Mine, or: You are your own

Two complementary 'Waltz Wave' poems mymamamyanchormy first loveyou mademeyou makeme feel safeready to facemy futureto grablifeby itshorns and leapontoitsripplingbackmydear childmydarlingmy great joyyou aremineyet youare your ownwith confidenceenough forboth ofusI'm soexcitedto seehowfar you'llgo What Do You See? #186 These two 'Waltz Wave' poems were written in response to Sadje's WDYS poetry prompt. She provided us with… Continue reading Mine, or: You are your own

Structure’s steady lines, or: Write themselves

A poem written in Murisopsis' new nonce poetic form: "Inside Out Poem" While writing, some sometimes feel themselves out of form For they too oft hew to staid forms. They're drawn by structure's steady lines, Yet find themselves inclined to add new, unique slants. Back and forth, back and forth they go, Both yearning for… Continue reading Structure’s steady lines, or: Write themselves

Purrrr, or: *ROAR*

A poem written in Saintvi's new nonce poetic form: "Melinda’s Whimsy" I don't mess with my words, Avoiding hate and slurs; Reality gets blurred Without versed wisdom (truth!). Those scratches I've incurred From other people's words Have left me undeterred- Rolled with 'em since my youth. I write verses that purr- Confer flesh, blood and… Continue reading Purrrr, or: *ROAR*

Woman, or: Beautiful

Poetry Partners #165 'Black and Beautiful', a poem by Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley of 'MEZIESBLOG' If you must lie to me, Maria, please try not to cry Smile like a child and wipe my tears like blind Bartimaeus Should you trip and fall off a cliff, spread your wings and fly Sing a sweet song and… Continue reading Woman, or: Beautiful

Remaining, or: In between

Poetry Partners #164 An 'American Sentence' by Kaci Rigney Life begins and ends with a heartbeat, breathing and bleeding in between. Kaci Rigney: A 'Crystalline' by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ Decay's inevitability rattles venerable hollows. Grounded hope's for the remaining, rather than in dreams of remaining. Show faith in the collective present;… Continue reading Remaining, or: In between

In yourself, or: In a better future

A 'Waltz Wave' por- tals ex- ist, my child; that, perhaps, is what I'd most like to impart to you while you yet perceive me as an au- thori- ty in your budding world - just - be- lieve. ‘What do you see’ Prompt #170 image credit: Sylvian Sarrailh @ Digiartque The 'waltz wave' poem… Continue reading In yourself, or: In a better future