By chance, or: Choice

Poetry Partners #17 An American Sentence by Coco of 'un pโœtit je ne sais quoi' what i savor came with prize not by accident but by you provoked Coco: A waltmarie by ben Alexander of โ€˜The Skepticโ€™s Kaddishโ€™ (comprised of 5 American Sentences) 'What,' ponder lonely people, 'chemistry gives birth to lasting friendships?' Came… Continue reading By chance, or: Choice

Tips for bloggers #6: Community etiquette vs. The Skeptic's Kaddish blog was created with and is hosted on, rather than, and there is, indeed, a significant difference. The major advantage of, you see, is the community aspect. Bloggers may easily search for, find, 'like', and otherwise interact with one another's blogs in the WordPress Reader.,… Continue reading Tips for bloggers #6: Community etiquette