Exhausted, or: Electrified

Elfchen poem #1 brain feels exhausted pulses heavily within dissolves into viscous paste glob Elfchen poem #2 brain feels electrified sparks across synapses explodes with original verses blog W3 weekly poetry prompt For this week's W3 poetry prompt, Sadje encourages us to: Write an 'elfchen' poem; Extra challenge: write a second elfchen poem, which opposes… Continue reading Exhausted, or: Electrified

Choking down, or: Tingles

A Tanka appreciation an awkward horse pill, whereas dissatisfaction a warm bodily tingle that numbs my self-awareness #TankaTuesday For Tanka Tuesday, Colleen encourages us to write a tanka. Tanka? Syllabic: most commonly 5-7-5-7-7 (in variation the lines are best kept with odd numbered syllables); Usually five lines; Defined by content and style more than the… Continue reading Choking down, or: Tingles

Comma, or: Kireji

An American sentence: In Japanese haiku, words form breaks between images, not commas. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didn’t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining the requirement of 17 syllables total. He felt that removing… Continue reading Comma, or: Kireji

Lady, or: The snows

An 'Arkquain Swirl' whitetrimmingsbright againstsnowy landscape;sumptuously cladgraceful Lady of the Snows;understated coy smile knowsshe's untouchable;floral fur-trimmedcape and muffoffsetherscarletberibbonedbrimmed fancy hat;watery wintrywastes draw away to allowher between bent laden boughsas she floats through them;blood circulatesclose to thesurfaceofrefinedfine cheekbonesflushed like red dress;heavy horizonswelcome home native daughter;untouched by weight of watersshe absorbs the scene;knowing pools darkunblinkingtake itin Twiglets… Continue reading Lady, or: The snows

Dec. 2, 1979, or: Jun. 24, 1999

A set of 'Lanternes' /ˈdiː//ˈɛn/ /ˈeɪ/same parentssame ancestorsrootsfirstboy, namedfor much lovedgreat-grandfatherloveofold agepregnancyunexpectedwownootherbrothers orsisters; just wetwowordswritingtraditionworld politicsmecoderap beatscars, fashionphotographyyouyearsoceansinterestsseparate us,but W3 poetry prompt This set of lanternes was written for Britta Benson's W3 poetry prompt, which was to compose a poem with a date as its title.

Humans, or: Sacks of meat

A 'Daisy Chain' poem Walking sacks of meat, Meat, tender and soft, Soft like eggs, I would think; Think about our many vulnerabilities, Vulnerabilities no other creatures share; Share your personal reflections and learning; Learning over generations sets humans apart; Apart from that, what traits are there? There are our thumbs, opposable and long, Long,… Continue reading Humans, or: Sacks of meat

He said, or: She said

A dark limerick When they were tykes, their folks thought it ironic: Bobby would burble, whereas Babs was laconic; But mom and dad became panicked When Bobby's shrink called him manic, And Babs' isolophilia turned extreme and chronic. d'Verse poetics: There’s a word for that At d'Verse, poets were encouraged to select three or more… Continue reading He said, or: She said