Psyche, or: Pasithea

A haibun Anti-anxiety medication, at its best, reduces one's stress levels. Every so often, the heart palpitates, but less pronouncedly than it used to - and for shorter spans of time. Whereas the patient once tended to come across as intense -even desperate- during job interviews, he's 'cool as a cucumber', even on the spot.… Continue reading Psyche, or: Pasithea

Disappearance, or: Endurance

Poetry Partners #38 'My Disappearance' by Susi Bocks of 'I Write Her' itโ€™s my nature to withdraw when unbalanced for no reason at all i retreat to a safe space like bear cubs denning iโ€™m not languishing iโ€™m dormant with melancholy seeking shelter protects my soul giving respite and comfort surrounded by nothing but time… Continue reading Disappearance, or: Endurance