She smiled tenderly

"Honey, you could use some witchcraft, and I could use a light," she twittered flippantly. On cue, an enormous crow landed on her forearm and lit her cigarette. "Fancy one?" she asked, staring the shaken youngster directly in the eyes. Quaking, the teenager backed up towards the door. "Ohโ€ฆ n-n-no th-thank you, Ma'am!" Suddenly, impossibly,… Continue reading She smiled tenderly

Crow, Raven, or: Rook

A limerick In far too many mammalian minds, Crows and Ravens are closely intertwined. This timeworn argument is just what Rooks so resent, for it leaves their proud line undermined. Eugiโ€™s Weekly Prompt Eugi has provided the word "intertwined" as a writing prompt today. d'Verse poetics prompt: Corvid Poetry At d'Verse, poets have been prompted… Continue reading Crow, Raven, or: Rook

Crow, or: Pigeon

A schuttelreim Though it struck puss a smidgen pudgy... He thought the crow stout pigeon smudgy The above crow-themed schuttelreim was inspired by Kerfe's comment on an earlier schuttelreim I wrote, which went as follows: The beast stole forward, creeping slow Soon puss would feast on sleeping crow Kerfe's response was: A crow? Iโ€™m not… Continue reading Crow, or: Pigeon