Remaining, or: In between

Poetry Partners #164 An 'American Sentence' by Kaci Rigney Life begins and ends with a heartbeat, breathing and bleeding in between. Kaci Rigney: A 'Crystalline' by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ Decay's inevitability rattles venerable hollows. Grounded hope's for the remaining, rather than in dreams of remaining. Show faith in the collective present;… Continue reading Remaining, or: In between

Through thick, or: Thin

A Crystalline They welcomed in their dinner guests, his heavy hand upon her thin nape. Her beautiful, gemmed Sabbath outfit was adorned with an unseen leash. She'd applied makeup carefully to conceal her crow's feet and pallor. An unsteady smile failed to distract from timid eyes, red and tearful. What's a Crystalline? A complete couplet.… Continue reading Through thick, or: Thin

One look disturbs, or: In time, our eyes close

Poetry Partners #100 An 'American Sentence' by Tea Solon of 'Butung Is Layp' One look disturbs heartbeats culled eons ago, beloved brevity. Butung Is Layp: A 'Crystalline' by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ In time, our eyes close; our hearts slow, attuned again to ancient tongues.

Ukraine’s skies, or: Teddy bears

An ekphrastic poem A crystalline Art: 'Daddy's girl' by Vika Muse Papa, do you remember our clouds that looked like giant teddy bears? Though I fled Ukraine weeks ago, our dear teddy bears followed me here. Do you still look up at Ukraine's skies? I know our bears are watching you. I know because when… Continue reading Ukraine’s skies, or: Teddy bears

Their stories, or: Our stories

Poetry Partners #40 'My Paternal Grandparents', a poem by Kate Blake of 'aroused' Nana and Pop met on the ward when she gently tended his gruesome war wounds he a tall handsome older gent she a tiny gentle English rose he solemnly declared he had nothing and lived in the middle of nowhere but love… Continue reading Their stories, or: Our stories

Fiction, or: Fact

A Crystalline My daughter was three-and-a-half when Papa unexpectedly died. She had no concept of death then; by four-and-a-half, she did... a bit. "Is it right that my grandfather died?" She asked once, on the way to shul. I had been reciting kaddish for Papa every day for a year. All those months, I'd tried… Continue reading Fiction, or: Fact

Inspirations, or: Expectations

A Crystalline Some consider each step telling, a beautiful poem of its own. Even the richest depictions of leaves crunching won't please the others. 'Take us, blindfolded, by our hands,' they insist, 'Describe each clod of dirt.' Satisfaction's a hard mistress; she'd have me leading readers off cliffs. What's a Crystalline? A complete couplet. Either… Continue reading Inspirations, or: Expectations

Pause, or: Paws

My 2nd Crystalline Tapping syllables out on keyboard, Fingers tire and cannot straighten. What's a Crystalline? A complete couplet. Either standing alone or written in any number of couplets; Syllabic, 17 syllables;Regular: 8/9 or 9/8 syllables per line;Irregular: broken where appropriate, other than the 8-9/9-8 regular form;Written with English grammatical rules of syntax, caps and… Continue reading Pause, or: Paws