Ukraine’s skies, or: Teddy bears

An ekphrastic poem A crystalline Art: 'Daddy's girl' by Vika Muse Papa, do you remember our clouds that looked like giant teddy bears? Though I fled Ukraine weeks ago, our dear teddy bears followed me here. Do you still look up at Ukraine's skies? I know our bears are watching you. I know because when… Continue reading Ukraine’s skies, or: Teddy bears

Their stories, or: Our stories

Poetry Partners #40 'My Paternal Grandparents', a poem by Kate Blake of 'aroused' Nana and Pop met on the ward when she gently tended his gruesome war wounds he a tall handsome older gent she a tiny gentle English rose he solemnly declared he had nothing and lived in the middle of nowhere but love… Continue reading Their stories, or: Our stories

Fiction, or: Fact

A Crystalline My daughter was three-and-a-half when Papa unexpectedly died. She had no concept of death then; by four-and-a-half, she did... a bit. "Is it right that my grandfather died?" She asked once, on the way to shul. I had been reciting kaddish for Papa every day for a year. All those months, I'd tried… Continue reading Fiction, or: Fact

Inspirations, or: Expectations

A Crystalline Some consider each step telling, a beautiful poem of its own. Even the richest depictions of leaves crunching won't please the others. 'Take us, blindfolded, by our hands,' they insist, 'Describe each clod of dirt.' Satisfaction's a hard mistress; she'd have me leading readers off cliffs. What's a Crystalline? A complete couplet. Either… Continue reading Inspirations, or: Expectations

Pause, or: Paws

My 2nd Crystalline Tapping syllables out on keyboard, Fingers tire and cannot straighten. What's a Crystalline? A complete couplet. Either standing alone or written in any number of couplets; Syllabic, 17 syllables;Regular: 8/9 or 9/8 syllables per line;Irregular: broken where appropriate, other than the 8-9/9-8 regular form;Written with English grammatical rules of syntax, caps and… Continue reading Pause, or: Paws

Cognition, or: Deep diving

Poetry Partners #3 'Cognition', a cherita by Jennifer Patino of 'Thistle Thoughts' gaze into my reflecting pool keep prodding & fishing to latch onto my meaning try to catch confessions deep under my surface in your analytical net Jennifer Patino: A reverse cherita by ben Alexander of โ€˜The Skepticโ€™s Kaddishโ€™ In the form of… Continue reading Cognition, or: Deep diving