Live to tell, or: Breathe

Poetry Partners #82 'No, Covid is Not Gone Yet!' a poem by Robert J Jr. of 'Robert's Snap Spot' Unexpected change in life. Omicron. Emergency Room. Doom. Crying. Pneumonia in Lungs. Not the fatal endโ€ฆ Huh! Sent home Emergency Room. Admitted to COVID-19 ward, husband can visit. Sunday, COVID ward, โ€œCOVID-19 Wardโ€ฆ No visit except… Continue reading Live to tell, or: Breathe

Trove, or: Troubled

My 2nd Cyrch A Chwta A quadrille Her room was completely chock- full of stuff no longer stocked. She'd abandoned wearing socks, for they were lost under blocks. Visitors would softly knock, rather than deal with deep shock at panes blocked off from the dawn and murals drawn in bright chalk. Cyrch A Chwta? (kirch… Continue reading Trove, or: Troubled

From the first, or: Fatherhood

My first Cyrch a Chwta Girl, from the first it's been true your sweetness surpassed all who poop, cry and coo, as babes do. Watching you skip at the zoo; you bathing, smearing shampoo; laughing at Winnie the Pooh... Since the hour that you were born, every morn, faith soars anew.