Invitation, or: Poetry Partners

A Cywydd Llosgyrnog We could alternate words or lines, Forming poems, both thine and mine. Thus entwined, what could we birth? Sounds, syllables, inspiring verse ~ Hearts in union cynics disperse. Let's converse, two of one earth. 'Poetry Partners' This poem is in honor of the new 'Poetry Partners' initiative at the Skeptic's Kaddish. I'm… Continue reading Invitation, or: Poetry Partners

Flesh, or: Verse

My first Cywydd Llosgyrnog You can't help yourself, seeking more soulful words from swift fleeting shore; man's flesh shan't soar, but verse can; Futures flash, forever flow fast; Fey fancies; concepts; visions ~ last, These survive past man's lifespan Shabbat shalom! I have scheduled this poem to be published while I am offline for Shabbat… Continue reading Flesh, or: Verse