REBLOG: ‘Quiet Places’ by Mother Wintermoon

Poem: Those of us who live in quiet places, Eavesdrop on leaves The humming of bees The rustling tree branches Outside our window panes Those of us who lost our way to Elysium Get lost in the clickety-clack of the keyboard Under a restless moon In a room strewn With words Falling Failing Whispering Scrambling… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Quiet Places’ by Mother Wintermoon

Recall, or: Withdrawal

A 'Waltz Wave' poem Image credit:Tasos Mansour (Unsplash) des- olate un- tended rocky fields of bro- ken promis- es and with- ered hopes rustle under swirl- ing vor- tex of un- familiar night skies that recall all #WDYS prompt #182 For this week's 'What Do You See' prompt, Sadje offers us the above image, created… Continue reading Recall, or: Withdrawal

In the darkness, or: In the end

Poetry Partners #134 'The blue sky', a poem by Kunjal Gupta of 'Duo Diseminators' Inside a vessel so suffocating and cold. Looking at the blue sky, Birds glide their wings and fly to the foretold, Without a struggle or try. Looking at the blue sky, They retire to perch and rest Birds glide their wings… Continue reading In the darkness, or: In the end

Darkness, or: Impenetrable

A dark limerick The life of the party, ol' Vivacious Viv, Would dance like she had no f**ks to give; But afterwards, her mood would fall; She'd slam into that tall, dark wall... Few knew that -daily- Viv had to choose to live. d'Verse poetics: Choice At d'Verse, poets were encouraged to craft poems in… Continue reading Darkness, or: Impenetrable

Her beloved’s deep chocolate eyes

Light stretched contentedly, tracing her fingers along Dark's sinewy body. Last night's lovemaking had left her spent and euphoric, as always. Soon they would bathe together and get into character for the daily augury. Dark murmured with pleasure and then, frowning, turned towards her lover. "I'm tired of the staged ceremonies, my love. I think…… Continue reading Her beloved’s deep chocolate eyes

Refrain, or: Reality

My 1st Mirrored Refrain I'm as jaded as anyone, Having stared down mortality; Try though I might, I can't refrain; Rhymes mine mirror reality In poetry, I wax clever, But mind and wit are on the wane; Rhymes mine mirror reality; Try though I might, I can't refrain Beauty coaxes and beckons me; But fades… Continue reading Refrain, or: Reality

Wound, or: World

A kimo generations of humans, one after the next until they're not; words ~ our attempt at dressing What's a kimo? According to this website, kimo poems are an Israeli 🇮🇱 version of haiku. Apparently, there was a need for more syllables in Hebrew. That said, most of the rules are still familiar: 3 lines.No… Continue reading Wound, or: World