Oy vey, or: Hoyden

A limerick I resolved to parent the child my girl is, But I often sigh, thinking: "Gee Whiz..." Cuz when her peers clear the street, And boys flee in retreat, I see the neighbors smirk, "Yep, that kid's his!" d'Verse poetics: Resolving to Resolve At d'Verse, poets were prompted to weave a piece of advice… Continue reading Oy vey, or: Hoyden

Glass, or: Pearls

Poetry Partners #114 'She is like glass' (for my daughter), a poem by Sean Mathews of 'seanmathews.blog' She is like glass I see through her Tough and fragile Transparent daughter When we touch Strong and slim Like porcelain Of silk smooth skin And she shines Bright as day Prism of lifeโ€™s Vital ray A glowing… Continue reading Glass, or: Pearls

As more die, or: As we did once

My 1st kasa (or gasa) I feel guilty. People live in terror, scared of COVID, wearing face masks. Pandemic, corona; bodies pile up. Numbers don't lie, as more die every day. But I'm just one man with a child; and I want her to thrive, grow up carefree, attend first grade. Normalcy is today's ~… Continue reading As more die, or: As we did once

Precious, or: Born again human

Sevenling (I am gifting) I am gifting her with an incredible fluency in English, which will open countless doors for her; the open-mindedness to brave the complexity of truth; and my undying love to ground her. Every day, she continues to gift me her endless, adoring love, which I live for; a purpose in this… Continue reading Precious, or: Born again human