Pi, or: Pie

My 1st 'cadae' My Papa's book rests on my shelf. Sigh. I am very proud of his incredible brilliance, which touched thousands around the world. Still, he's not a book. I'd rather have Papa back than a volume of probability riddles that never interested me before his sudden death.

Not for sale(?)

http://cut-the-knot.org/ ~ Not for sale In 1996, Papa launched his pioneering mathematics website, and, from the very beginning, he refused to put any advertisements on it that he did not explicitly approve of. He also refused to sell his massive site and cede control of its direction, even though he received lucrative offers to do… Continue reading Not for sale(?)

Through my eyes, or: In your arms

My 1st sijo Carry me to safety in your arms \\ to somewhere far away Where is your reassuring smile \\ which always soothes me so? What if COVID gets in through my eyes \\ when I cry in fear? Notes My intent was to write a sijo poem related to the global pandemic;The poem… Continue reading Through my eyes, or: In your arms

Kaddish for an individual

Jewish tradition: mourning in community Papa died in July of 2018. I started blogging about my journey of mourning (i.e. kaddish) that August. That year was very intensive for me; I produced a great deal of content based upon numerous readings; research; reflections; recollections; conversations; and, yes, prayer. The kaddish, after all, is a prayer.… Continue reading Kaddish for an individual

Tradition: just do it?

Some axioms for life Once an institution comes into existence, its top priority becomes perpetuating its existence;If an institution achieves its stated goals, it will assign itself new goals in order to justify and perpetuate its continued existence;All religions are institutions. Kaddish: basic logistics There are several different versions of the kaddish prayer (technically, it's… Continue reading Tradition: just do it?

Always belonged together, or: Night takes life

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. mother and father always belonged together their child remembers moments of joy, tears, and heart night takes life, but can't touch love Notes For this poem, I decided to make use of the 'Love Set' on the Magnetic Poetry website;I think this is a brand new set… Continue reading Always belonged together, or: Night takes life

My [Papa’s] watch

My eyes are always drawn to the cover graphic atop my blog. It's a photo of my Papa, who died nearly three years ago, on vacation in Costa Rica the year before his death. Papa never went anywhere without that camera of his. Previous to Papa's death, I never thought much about mourning, but in… Continue reading My [Papa’s] watch

Jagged, or: Tender

'Edges and Fringes' โ€“ a dโ€™Verse poetics prompt (best viewed on a horizontal screen) Papa, can you visit us from the unknowable beyond to hearten us, for we miss you so and griefโ€™s jagged edges cut us even as the edges of mortal life are clear to us remaining, as we do, on this side… Continue reading Jagged, or: Tender