Almost 3 years since Papa’s death

This coming Saturday night, after sunset (when the Sabbath ends), will be the 3rd anniversary of Papa's death on the Hebrew calendar. I'll light a candle. I may recite a prayer alone at home. I'd wanted to go out on Sunday (the day of the Hebrew anniversary) to a café with my wife and daughter… Continue reading Almost 3 years since Papa’s death

Final words, or: Oeuvre

My 1st dizain The poet sat watching the page fill up; words, once warm, flowed forth freely from his vein; nothing his heart's oeuvre could interrupt, that stream of pleasure, love, memories, pain, for mere existence had become a strain; came the day when one thing remained to write, when the writer felt exhaustion's cold… Continue reading Final words, or: Oeuvre

Pi, or: Pie

My 1st 'cadae' My Papa's book rests on my shelf. Sigh. I am very proud of his incredible brilliance, which touched thousands around the world. Still, he's not a book. I'd rather have Papa back than a volume of probability riddles that never interested me before his sudden death.