Free-floating, or: Fleshliness

A Cleave poem in the form of two Shadormas bodiless unrestrainedfloating up above by sick fleshlinessobserving what had beenwith clear-eyed consciousnessunderstanding life's veiled truths apprehending past misstepsone ought feel ashamed of a careless life How to read a cleave poem? Simply: Read the left hand poem as a first discrete poem. Read the right hand… Continue reading Free-floating, or: Fleshliness

Departures, or: Arrivals

Poetry Partners #128 Pat Schneider: 'The Patience of Ordinary things' 'Four Points of Departure (senryลซ inspired by excerpts from 'The Patience of Ordinary Things' by Pat Schneider)', a poem by Stephanie Malley of 'serendippitysays' i. How the cup holds the tea a test of patience to spend all your days drinking hot tea from… Continue reading Departures, or: Arrivals

Cancer consumes, or: Clear-eyed

An 'Amanda's Pinch' poem Her daughter, a doctor, stays always by her side. A collapsed lung has landed her at hospital. Please, let it be pneumonia, we pray, Though cancer consumes her body. Though cancer consumes her body, My aunt cherishes every single day. Her will's not been whittled, not even a little, Constantly fighting… Continue reading Cancer consumes, or: Clear-eyed

Tree corpse, or: Ship of dreams

Trees find purchase in human remains; Some lush, some losing their leaves, some bare; but Screw the symbolism! Am I right? Or was I A seven-year-old, devastated When his beloved tree corpse, Ship of dreams and fantasy voyages to outer space, Was barbarously hacked down in cold sap For being Unsafe, supposedly; In seventh grade,… Continue reading Tree corpse, or: Ship of dreams

Mary Poppins, or: Oliver Twist

Poetry Partners #121 'On my way to nowhere', a poem by Filipa Moreira da Cruz of 'De Malinha Pronta' Where are you going? Truth be told I donโ€™t have a clue The only thing I am sure Is that I miss you So I keep walking As long as my feet Are not sore As… Continue reading Mary Poppins, or: Oliver Twist

Lucinda, Cindy, or: Lucy in the sky

Poetry Partners #106 A poem by Candace of 'Feel Her Breathing' Mother needing grace Had a daughter full of grace She said Jesus sat at the end of her bed A golden angel at her feet Lucinda was her name We called her Cindy Her sisters called her Lucy in the Sky Feel Her Breathing:… Continue reading Lucinda, Cindy, or: Lucy in the sky

Humanity hadn’t heeded

The desolated houses were all variations of the same story; those that had weathered the bombings had been abandoned to the elements many years ago. Pealing paint, rusted kitchen appliances, splintered chairs and couches, tattered silk cushionsโ€ฆ Humanity hadn't heeded its prophets. Burdie sighed as she adjusted her worn gas mask and checked her remaining… Continue reading Humanity hadn’t heeded