Famished, or: Frozen

My 1st novelinee My parched throat stings; and when I try to form, Nought comes forth but heaving; this painful rasp. Metaphor locusts consume in their swarm... Depleted... whence... that... dry, terrible gasp? In this verse desert, there are not enough * I'm searching but cannot find quite the right * Damn... did it ring… Continue reading Famished, or: Frozen

Flood, or: Brown death

My 1st lushi Reinterpreting 'Flood' by T'ao Chien Brown clouded sky, broiling, broiling. Hot gusting sands, hurling, hurling. Khamsin consuming in all directions. Parching dust storm, whirling, whirling. Raising waterskin to broken lips. Death's eastern wind, unfurl, unfurling. Desolately-I recall kind warnings. Ignored their advice-sterling, sterling. Flood by T'ao Chien The lingering clouds, rolling, rolling,… Continue reading Flood, or: Brown death