Stubborn hopes, or: Weary despair

A 'Wounded Couplet' Having moved twice across the vast ocean, I've been hollowed out as pieces flaked off, Shaken loose by each wave, Wearing away at the last of my brave. Biting chills blow through with my every cough, Being depleted by every motion, Lugging cumbersome baggage everywhere, Full of stubborn hopes and weary despair.… Continue reading Stubborn hopes, or: Weary despair

Doomed, or: If you don’t…

A 'Septolet' Putin pardons convicts to attack Ukraine as "Wagner" mercenaries. Mercenaries are shot for fleeing. Septolet? The Septolet is a poem consisting of seven lines containing fourteen words with a break anywhere in between the two parts. Both parts deal with the same thought and create a picture.

Until she learns to sew

d’Verse prosery My plush, I'm told, is beautiful; and I suppose I'm glad it seems so… certainly for my child's sake. I taught myself the blind stitch specifically to prevent her from seeing the despair that binds these sundry cottony sheets. Everything I do is stitched with its color, but the threads are all cleverly… Continue reading Until she learns to sew

Clap on, or: Clap off

Blank verse in iambic pentameter My sky is dark with black stars; together, congealing into thick syrup, even as I spread my arms; distributed as sick party favors, mementos of... need; perhaps, perhaps, preferable to my own; their deafening silence clotting my ears, coursing through twisted creases, pooling in my eyes, heavy, streaming down my… Continue reading Clap on, or: Clap off

Bitter impasse

The bitter question was engraved on her heart. Indebted to the forest spirit, she remained at the same monstrous impasse: She loved another. Photography by Katerina Plotnikova This piece of flash fiction was written in response to: The Sunday Muse #239; Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: 'indebted'; Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: 'question'; Word of the Day Challenge:… Continue reading Bitter impasse

Physical ego, or: Immaterial id

Poetry Partners #144 'Physical Ego', a poem by Alex Budris of 'Lost Continent Books' webs of spittle & a thousand multi-eyed flies like words - maggoty somersault struggles caught choking out the gasping spidernest hole of yr mouth consonants and vowels a black mass backache toothache bad bowels & black- -hearted atheism tooth over tongue… Continue reading Physical ego, or: Immaterial id

Binging on Russia-Ukraine War information

My personal perspective on Eastern Europe For most of my life I don't want to overgeneralize so let's be clear that I only represent myself - one individual descendent of Jews from Eastern Europe (i.e. Ashkenazim). My parents grew up in the USSR, as did my grandparents, and all of my ancestors, according to genetics… Continue reading Binging on Russia-Ukraine War information

Winds churning, or: Wants churning

Poetry Partners #140 'WOW', A poem by Devine Success of 'Elspen Wrytes' So? What now? I can't bow nor cow like a fowl to the winds churning that would bring turnings only to be foul. Await we, without a scowl not even daring to howl till we say, how? Wow. Elspen Wrytes: A 'Gogyōka'… Continue reading Winds churning, or: Wants churning