Standards notwithstanding, or: Drivel

A Sevenling (All my life) All my life, I’ve resisted others’ standards; I’ve avoided taking a stand; I’ve never figured out how do both. Notwithstanding my accursed inability to understand my inner workings, I am; I love; I write. I cannot stand life's endless standby, but so it goes. d'Verse: a Quadrille The above sevenling… Continue reading Standards notwithstanding, or: Drivel

Prime, or: Crime Minister

My 1st verso-rhyme My pen's not for intrigue ~but~ I'm fuming at our Prime Minister's great arrogance; insane power complex all-consuming; ugly machinations; and grievance dance! P.S. The political insanity that Israel has been embroiled in for the past two years (four elections have been held during that time period!) is primarily Prime Minister Netanyahu's… Continue reading Prime, or: Crime Minister

Sorrow, or: Tomorrow

My 2nd Awdl Gwydd Massaging words into verse ~ this blasted curse Life gave me; Prose oft feels... not... quite... enough to set this stuffed up mind free Sometimes, smooth stanzas don't flow to my deep woe and sorrow; But when rhymes thwart this tired quill, there still awaits tomorrow Dissatisfaction with the 1st I… Continue reading Sorrow, or: Tomorrow

A fool’s wrong tools

This week, I replaced our shower head. In principle, this should be a simple procedure, but it took me more effort than necessary. After purchasing the shower head itself, I came home to realize that my one wrench was insufficiently large enough. Upon my second return from the hardware store, gripping my new wrench's padded… Continue reading A fool’s wrong tools