Kumandra, or: Friendship

A poem written jointly with my 7-year-old daughter The poem below is a joint effort, written by me and my daughter, after having watched the new Disney movie 'Raya and the Last Dragon'. It attempts to provide a general summary of the plot, but both of us highly recommend that you see this movie for… Continue reading Kumandra, or: Friendship

Watching Disney movies with your kindergartner

Just recently we had a Shabbat guest who kindly offered to help me set the table for lunch. I gave her the silverware, and as she laid it out she worriedly asked if she should put a knife on the table within my daughter's reach - not for my daughter's own use, but for the… Continue reading Watching Disney movies with your kindergartner

Ethical will: Be true to yourself

There is nothing new under the sun, including in this ethical will, but I feel it necessary to plant some flags. Also, in embarking upon this endeavor, I am taking my own advice by being true to myself. As this feels important to me, I shall respect that drive. To start: There are many voices… Continue reading Ethical will: Be true to yourself

Walking on God

On a recent morning walk to preschool, my five-year-old was musing to herself and came to a logical conclusion: If I'm God, and the sidewalk is God, then God is walking on God. That's funny, right? Despite our family's committedly traditional Jewish lifestyle, my daughter is hardly receiving any theological indoctrination from home. My wife… Continue reading Walking on God