A domestic abuse story

Preoccupied with domestic abuse After my wife's and my recent attempts to help our domestically abused friend, my mind has been awash with thoughts about domestic violence. In that context, I'd like to share another story about a second friend of ours... somebody that we're especially close to. Her story, in a certain sense, is… Continue reading A domestic abuse story

Empathy: Our daughter & her friend

Children's life stories A couple of months ago, the mothers of the girls in our daughter's class had a social gathering to discuss their children's relationships with one another. By all accounts, it was a very successful and sweet get-together. Each of the mothers talked about her respective daughter and the child's life experiences, personality,… Continue reading Empathy: Our daughter & her friend

Laugh, or: Die

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. broken man must laugh delicious caramel voice like magic poison his lips drink of her rhythms as haunted heart slowly decays Notes For this poem, I decided to make use of the 'Poet Set' on the Magnetic Poetry website;This piece is entirely fictional;I've never been divorced -… Continue reading Laugh, or: Die