Rock-ing, or: Bump-ing

A 'Waltz Wave' Photo credit:Dex Ezekiel (Unsplash) rock- ing back and forth my carrier case swings bump- ing up against my human's chest on the way to... to... oh! look! that dog's pulling her human down the side- walk What do you see? For Sadje's WDYS prompt, she offers us this photograph of a man… Continue reading Rock-ing, or: Bump-ing

Eaten up with guilt, or: Gusto

A triolet Hey! Are you even listening to me? How on earth do I get through to you? I wonder ~ though you wag eagerly... Hey! Are you even listening to me? No! Get your big head off of my knee! Max, damn it! Did you eat my shoe? Hey! Are you even listening to… Continue reading Eaten up with guilt, or: Gusto