Dear Dr. Seuss, or: Should I say Mr. Geisel?

A tribute I once was a boy, a few decades ago, that took joy in your words; in your humor and flow. Read most of your books, though perhaps not them all, even some adult stuff, though I was yet quite small. Read Cat in the Hat more times than I could count; your wit… Continue reading Dear Dr. Seuss, or: Should I say Mr. Geisel?

Dr. Seuss, or: Eminem

The truth finally comes out I shall now type some lines on a lark (I'm silly); When I rhyme, my kid begs- Please stop it! No really! She insists ev'ry day that I cease the abuse; That my words just annoy; that I'm no Dr. Seuss. And she's right, I admit, 'bout my quips and… Continue reading Dr. Seuss, or: Eminem