Stormy day

A 'Drabble' The alliance between the stepsisters, different as night and day, was forged when Francesca softly followed Giulia into her bedroom and hugged her weeping younger sister. "There, there, dear… Let's clean you up." That night, cupping her tea tightly in her hands, the anxious teen confided in her more confident stepsister, the gregarious… Continue reading Stormy day

Marooned with her fantasies

A 'Drabble' Image credit: Nan Goldin’s "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency" She stared at her wiry miner as he sat smoking silently at the edge of the bed and admired his back muscles. This image would replay itself in her dreams for weeks until next time. God, she loved him. Despite George's irregular trips home,… Continue reading Marooned with her fantasies


A 'Drabble' (100 words) The scientists tittered with excitement, observing the humans on the screen. Specimens such as these were difficult to acquire, as Earth had been destroyed during the Contraction; and little was known of their mating habits. Bleary-eyed, the man and woman arose from the floor and scanned their cell; the flashing black… Continue reading Specimens

The barkeep removed his spectacles

A 'Drabble' "Who's the kid, Julius?" "That's Aldo, Boss. He worked for Marcus 'til his joint got shot up. His cocktails are the best around." "That so? Hey, kid - what's your specialty?" Bashfully, the little barkeep adjusted his spectacles. "Well, Sir, I've been working on something…" "Ok, Albert. Why doncha make me one? Maybe… Continue reading The barkeep removed his spectacles

A dozen beauties

A 'Drabble' The Tull Desert was neutral territory; the rebels knew its every rock. Fing felt comfortable enough meeting there, especially as his forces were holding Prince Quorda hostage back in Phemmerr. Feiveen and his men were already waiting. "Name your price, rebel," he declared, shattered. "We demand full independence from Kuvuk." "So be it.… Continue reading A dozen beauties