Darkness, or: Fade away

Poetry Partners #157 'Darkness', a haiku by WickedLizzie of 'Essays From the Edge of Existence' The night falls, darkness Silent, still, and full of mystery A time for dreams. Essays From the Edge of Existence: https://wickedlizzie.wordpress.com/ A tanka by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ the night falls, darkness silent, still, and full of mystery… Continue reading Darkness, or: Fade away

Bell out across the ripples, or: Whether life’s a dream

A Choka colors of sunrise bell out across the ripples boundless reflections unbound possibilities selves observe themselves through reality's membrane between above and below flickers of visions turn perceptions on their heads bodies wake come morn with many left uncertain as to whether life's a dream Choka? The most intricate Japanese Poetry form is the Choka,… Continue reading Bell out across the ripples, or: Whether life’s a dream

Car crash, or: Sea Monster

A pantoum Car crashed sailing along dreamway Wheels spun around through misty breeze Hark! He heard panicked krill swarms say Ducking, dropped down to hands and knees Wheels spun around through misty breeze Whipped drops of water slapped his face Ducking, dropped down to hands and knees Wreckage, much needed hiding place Whipped drops of… Continue reading Car crash, or: Sea Monster

In honor of Emperor Myk’s ascendance

The intergalactic jamboree in honor of Emperor Myk's ascendance was beyond anything in living memory. Throughout the night, one after the next, representatives of every race in the Realms brought tributes and swore their fealties. Even the reclusive blue-skinned Paoru came to pay homage. The noble Queen Lian bowed; and, uncupping her hands, released an… Continue reading In honor of Emperor Myk’s ascendance

Blank stare, or: Unmade choices

A piece of Tanka Prose supine form in bed motionless, but for deep breaths eyelids flutter rapidly unmade choices lived again blank stare up at white ceiling I don’t take care of myself very well. My sleep schedule is ridiculously inconsistent; some nights I only sleep three hours; other nights, I may sleep for ten.… Continue reading Blank stare, or: Unmade choices

Sentenced, or: Worded

My 2nd ghazal All night through my dreams, bounce ping-pong words. Sometimes just one, though... at times, they THRONG ~ Words! They fly fast and slow; both high and low; Flash heavy and light; both short and long words. Encyclopedic; scientific; Literary; fun; even some song words Making a racket, bursting rockets; Cannons; thunder; and… Continue reading Sentenced, or: Worded

Dreams, or: Seems

A triolet Are you reading these words as I dream? Am I now dreaming these words you're reading? We know nought of life but how things seem... Are you reading these words as I dream? Exists there but one mutual thought-stream? Is individualism merely misleading? Are you reading these words as I dream? Am I… Continue reading Dreams, or: Seems