Purple haze, or: White rabbit

In realm ~ magical, beauteous, fore bluffs ~ blue, misty, pluvious, on hills ~ rolling, green, luteous live gnomes ~ duteous, studious growing ~ mushrooms salubrious for folks ~ forlorn, lugubrious... So, once- feeling depressed, I just... No- trust me! Don't look so dubious! Moonwashed weekly prompt #134 Dubious

High ‘n light, or: Highlight

A poetic triptych I. "High" (a triolet) Pass it... over... take... a long puff You'll... get high... faster if you cough Damn, Dude... you... got the real good stuff Pass... it over... take... a long puff Uhm... Bro... I think you've had enough Guys, looks like we have got liftoff! Pass... it over... take... a… Continue reading High ‘n light, or: Highlight

A dozen brownies

Gathering around the boat, the friends boggled. Laloo, ever jejune, giggled, "It's Father's- trust me! Butโ€ฆ first! Lunch!" He handed out a dozen brownies. "It'll be spiritual!" he implied, winking. This piece of flash fiction was written in response to: The Sunday Muse #246; Fandangoโ€™s One-Word Challenge: 'lunch'; Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: 'trust'; Word of… Continue reading A dozen brownies

Night walks scattering poems

dโ€™Verse prosery "Hey, brother." Fat Greg lifted the flap of Earl's camping tent and prodded him unceremoniously. "Wake up." Instantly, Earl was awake. Sleeping rough for more than twelve years had taught him to always keep one eye open, and he had long since gotten used to Greg's behavior. Besides, having a friend was a… Continue reading Night walks scattering poems

Cheech, or: Chong

A limerick Hey, Honey, ginger yourself in that scuffle that thyme... At the market's sweet dill on fresh seasonings prime? Why'd you act fishy, mulling spices, Asking 'bout their pepper prices... And then insist that you just wanted one dime? d'Verse poetics: Spicing it up At d'Verse, poets were encouraged to select three or more… Continue reading Cheech, or: Chong

Feeling groovy, or: Peer pressure

A Waltmarie In five American Sentences The young man climbed up to the roof in the raging storm, feeling groovy. Hooting and hollering, his friends cheered him on, as he started to dance. Skipping and jumping along the roof's edge, he kept his balance, but just. Sadly, the speed of his wild pirouettes was more… Continue reading Feeling groovy, or: Peer pressure

Garden, or: Eden

Poetry Partners #91 'Morphine Drip', a poem by LaToya Williams of 'mentalnotes1' For Halloween I want to be a morphine drip To let the sun dry me up And run healing through this broken cup But there is no sun in October And the weather is always better after the rain The atmosphere is clearer… Continue reading Garden, or: Eden