Anía, or: Greek for boredom

She plants a niggling little thought - This movie's boring! (though it's not) I have something you'd like to see... but, first, I'd have sweet poetry! Anía, please, I'm much too tired... My Dear, I know you're uninspired! I know too well your life is dull - Long, practiced fingers trace my skull... I feel… Continue reading Anía, or: Greek for boredom

Split decisions

d’Verse prosery “I never thought I’d see you again, Meir. Bissel1 of a schlep2 from LA.” “Tateh’s3 dying, Elisha.” “So?” “He asked me to come, Bruder4. He wants to see you.” “Takeh5? Just like that? Gut6, I’ll get Charlotte and the kinder7 – I’m sure he wants to…” “No, Elisha. Just you.” “They’re his grandchildren,… Continue reading Split decisions

Undone, or: Nowhere

Chant poetry Node node Nobody knows knows me node Node node node Nobody comes knocking node Node node Nowhere nowhere nowhere node Node node node Notes notes notes are written node Node node Nobody can read them node Node node node Notes are notes notes are played node Node node Nobody can hear them node… Continue reading Undone, or: Nowhere

Crisp, or: Fresh

A limerick I sow d'Verse prompts in my garden But I feel that I must beg your pardon. For my rows are of keys That yield green abc's Though my gardenin's really quite ardent. A d'Verse prompt Poetics: Garden(ing) Today at d'Verse, we were prompted to engage in garden poetry writing. Write about your own,… Continue reading Crisp, or: Fresh

Duke of the uke, or: Patsy

A rhyming quadrille Luke Glueck was the Duke of the uke; he’d get drunk and twang like a kook. His drinking and juking drew rebuke, cuz every damn’d night he would puke and collapse on the floor, his brain nuked. It’s no wonder Luke always got rooked! A d'Verse prompt The above free verse poem… Continue reading Duke of the uke, or: Patsy

d’Verse Poet Pub break

Keeping busy during break Next week, d'Verse Poet Pub will be returning from a two-week summer break, which I am really looking forward to. d'Verse has been a major part of my WordPress blogging experience since my launch of the Skeptic's Kaddish just over one year ago; the community members are such lovely people... and… Continue reading d’Verse Poet Pub break