Great(!) news: a very special school

A major milestone for our Israeli family In Israel, the education system consists of three tiers: primary (grades 1โ€“6), middle school (grades 7โ€“9) and high school (grades 10โ€“12). The major decisions about schooling have to be made for 1st grade and 7th grade. Last December, I wrote about applying to elementary (grade) schools for our daughter who… Continue reading Great(!) news: a very special school

Alexander, or: Alexander

A quadrille in memory of Papa z"l (in two limericks) I. Alexander hacked the Gordian Knot; Defeated all armies he fought; With lightning sword, Secured his reward... ... Unknown remains his burial plot II. My Papa conceived 'Cut The Knot', Believing education ought be rethought Blazing forth new path, Spreading passion for math; Personal gain?… Continue reading Alexander, or: Alexander

Ethical will: Education

Internal obstacles to writing this entry I've been thinking of writing an ethical will entry on education for some time now, but it's been challenging for me to begin. For me, there are three obstacles: The strong personal association I draw between Judaism and placing a high value on education, which I worry may come… Continue reading Ethical will: Education

Teaching poetry to children? Help!

Despite have been born in and growing up in Israel, my six-year-old speaks, reads, and writes English better than she does Hebrew. In fact, I think she also writes and reads (and maybe speaks) better Russian than Hebrew, thanks to her mother's efforts. Anyway, as I've mentioned in passing, our little girl is well aware… Continue reading Teaching poetry to children? Help!

Social skills taught at preschool

The Jerusalem municipality offers a service to selected children at preschools to help them improve their social skills, as I just found out today. Upon my dropping off our daughter at preschool this morning, the head teacher asked to speak with me and told me that she had selected her as one of seven children… Continue reading Social skills taught at preschool

First grade for my Israeli daughter

Thank goodness for Israel Moving [back] to Israel as an adult has had its ups and downs for me, but I can honestly say that I've never doubted my decision for one simple reason: our daughter's Jewish upbringing and education. I've written in the past about the simple comfort and fulfilment of living as a… Continue reading First grade for my Israeli daughter

The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 49 She was not yet three-and-a-half years-old when her grandfather died, but death was still beyond her imagination. On the other hand, she understood quite starkly, with dismayed frustration, that her father was abruptly leaving home again... "I have to go help Dedushka Shurik move far, far away," he explained too gently. "I'll come back… Continue reading The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 49