Breathe deeply, or: Better self

A 'Waltz Wave' in moments of upset, I remind myself to reach up with my mind's hand for the bright halo ~ my better self; and breathe steadily as I stretch up to it What do you see #179 For WDYS #179, Sadje offers us this computer-generated image by Axel Ruffini (Unsplash) of a multicolored… Continue reading Breathe deeply, or: Better self

Wat- or: Fall

A 'Waltz Wave' photo credit:Terri Webster Schrandt crys- tal wa- ter- fall a- live in col- ors el- e- ments tex- tures temper- atures sensa- tions forev- er im- print- ed up- on conscious- ness as sheer soft mist spray Tanka Tuesday For Tanka Tuesday, Colleen offers us this photo by her friend Terri Webster… Continue reading Wat- or: Fall

Wry eyes, or: Our eyes

Portrait of Lady Agnew of Lochnaw by John Singer Sargent mo- tionless- e- motion- less; and yet- there's... twink- ling there, it... seems, mayhaps it's just the light playing tricks- and yet... her wry eyes smile, knowing our eyes are admir- ing- Twiglets #313 trick of the light #TankaTuesday Colleen Chesebro offers us the painting… Continue reading Wry eyes, or: Our eyes

Lady, or: The snows

An 'Arkquain Swirl' whitetrimmingsbright againstsnowy landscape;sumptuously cladgraceful Lady of the Snows;understated coy smile knowsshe's untouchable;floral fur-trimmedcape and muffoffsetherscarletberibbonedbrimmed fancy hat;watery wintrywastes draw away to allowher between bent laden boughsas she floats through them;blood circulatesclose to thesurfaceofrefinedfine cheekbonesflushed like red dress;heavy horizonswelcome home native daughter;untouched by weight of watersshe absorbs the scene;knowing pools darkunblinkingtake itin Twiglets… Continue reading Lady, or: The snows

Fall athwart, or: Land

A "Waltz Wave" poem fall blanket fall across brush, branches backyards fall athwart those mighty sovereign mountains with down of welkin fall autumn to winter and fall fall perceived land #TankaTuesday This week, for Tanka Tuesday, Colleen encourages us to write syllabic poems inspired by this photo by her friend, and photographer, Terri Webster Schrandt. โ€œWe… Continue reading Fall athwart, or: Land

The rustle, or: Swishing

An ekphrastic shadorma long unclothed boughs expose posh homes; the rustle that distracts but a young housemaid's apron strings shyly swish-swish d'Verse poetics: The Landscape Sleeps At d'Verse, writers are encouraged to select one of four paintings and write an ekphrastic poem (in any style or form) inspired by that work of art. I selected… Continue reading The rustle, or: Swishing

Ukrainians we, or: Survival as one

A collection of 'lanturnes' wesing ofour nation'ssurvival asoneonepeopleunitedagainst Russianraperapeour landviolateour existenceforceforceshall nottriumph hereon our forebears'landlandsustainsthe cultureof ancestorshomehomedemandscommitmenton all our partsnownowour troopsmust withstandthis disastrouswarwarwas wagedupon usstill we remainfreefreeto livewithout fearUkrainianswe #TankaTuesday This collections of lanturne poems was written as an ekphrastic response to the image below, which I offered to Colleen Chesebro for her weekly Tanka… Continue reading Ukrainians we, or: Survival as one

The bridge, or: The voice

A 'Bridges' poem Before me, one way to go; stone spread, long and straight. There, I uncertain linger, hand upon steel gate; An eerie scene. Fir trees dull grey, reflections black, pale bridge ghost white; Feel nary weak breeze waft... chest- straining, tight... 'Tis too serene. Somewhere, time-stopped stillness hints at love and loss; Turn… Continue reading The bridge, or: The voice