Physical ego, or: Immaterial id

Poetry Partners #144 'Physical Ego', a poem by Alex Budris of 'Lost Continent Books' webs of spittle & a thousand multi-eyed flies like words - maggoty somersault struggles caught choking out the gasping spidernest hole of yr mouth consonants and vowels a black mass backache toothache bad bowels & black- -hearted atheism tooth over tongue… Continue reading Physical ego, or: Immaterial id

Memories slow, or: Pick up pace

Poetry Partners #124 A poem by Christine Bialczak of 'Stine Writing and Miniatures' Memories slow after the sadness subsides but pick up pace while time passes by Creating an ebb and flow of grief of sadness of happiness of love Memories keep time moving forward. Stine Writing and Miniatures: A Waltz Wave by ben… Continue reading Memories slow, or: Pick up pace

Familiar, or: Family man

A kerf "I'd be more useful dead." "At least they'd get the money." "Hell, at least I would finally be free." "Mouths at home would get fed." "So sad, it's almost funny." "My children? Nah, they have no need for me." "Construction doesn't pay." "Ain't no help for a brother." "There's only one way out… Continue reading Familiar, or: Family man

Shadow, or: Sunlight

Poetry Partners #84 A poem by Iswar Kar of 'Journey called life' I was trapped in a trap It was my darkest part My body and soul were torn apart I cried in pain but in vain. Eyes flooded in tears Face reddened in fear Tummy cried in hunger Heart saddened in sorrows. I was… Continue reading Shadow, or: Sunlight

On a Saturday, or: Word-torrents

A shadorma Papa died unexpectedly several hours after reaching the emergency room on a Saturday Crushing waves; turbulent mood swings; treacherous reflections still pound my soul // spill over into word-torrents Shadorma? a six-line stanza (or sestet);each stanza has a syllable count of three in the 1st line, five in the 2nd, three in the… Continue reading On a Saturday, or: Word-torrents

Controlled temperature, or: Swimming pool

A haibun I am not prone to extreme emotions, tending to be fairly even-keeled, although I must confess to the occasional outburst of frustration. Rarely do I experience what I would call joy, which I perceive as a very powerful emotion, related to but distinct from happiness and contentment. Joy, for me, comes at moments… Continue reading Controlled temperature, or: Swimming pool

Disappearance, or: Endurance

Poetry Partners #38 'My Disappearance' by Susi Bocks of 'I Write Her' itโ€™s my nature to withdraw when unbalanced for no reason at all i retreat to a safe space like bear cubs denning iโ€™m not languishing iโ€™m dormant with melancholy seeking shelter protects my soul giving respite and comfort surrounded by nothing but time… Continue reading Disappearance, or: Endurance