Dreams, or: Seems

A triolet Are you reading these words as I dream? Am I now dreaming these words you're reading? We know nought of life but how things seem... Are you reading these words as I dream? Exists there but one mutual thought-stream? Is individualism merely misleading? Are you reading these words as I dream? Am I… Continue reading Dreams, or: Seems

Belief chooses you

You don't choose what to believe. Belief chooses you.-Steven Galloway (1975-) This particular quote is one that speaks to me at a deep level. I often find myself both amazed by and impressed with those who hold earnest beliefs in supernatural and/or divine forces. When I reflect upon those with true faith, I find myself… Continue reading Belief chooses you

Looping perpetually, or: Perpetually looping

A 'Palindrome Poem' Death begets darkness Dimming skies above flutter Essence of shades Unseen Swirls through existence Observes life Emerging budding gushing Teeming multitudes of energies Inspiration begets ~Being~ Begets Inspiration Energies of multitudes teeming Gushing budding emerging Life observes Existence through swirls Unseen Shades of essence Flutter above skies dimming Darkness begets death The… Continue reading Looping perpetually, or: Perpetually looping