The stench of thaumaturgy

Noting the arcane symbol carved into the gnarly oak tree in the massively overgrown yard, Seksan felt his stomach twist, but he was ready. After all, the witch hunter's talent and enterprise had kept him intact this long. When he reached the door, it blew open with a blast, and Seksan entered. Predictably, the air… Continue reading The stench of thaumaturgy

Purple haze, or: White rabbit

In realm ~ magical, beauteous, fore bluffs ~ blue, misty, pluvious, on hills ~ rolling, green, luteous live gnomes ~ duteous, studious growing ~ mushrooms salubrious for folks ~ forlorn, lugubrious... So, once- feeling depressed, I just... No- trust me! Don't look so dubious! Moonwashed weekly prompt #134 Dubious

The Life Tree

image credit: Sarolta Ban Staring out into the reaches of space, dark and prolific with sparkling worlds, the old man heard the dog's whiskers twitch, as the sheet of leaves flowing from the Life Tree wove around them. Sighing as an immature, blustering star bucketed through the cosmos towards a neighboring older giant, Mubassir patted… Continue reading The Life Tree

Full Muse Queen, or: Creative Source

Poetry Partners #177 'Inside This Place', a 'Vilanelle' by Karima Hoisan of 'Digital Rabbit Hole' Inside this place my dreams and verse are born Like magic, words brew with no help from me I do but watch the process every morn As dialogue in dreams comes to adorn Subconscious yearnings I can never see Inside… Continue reading Full Muse Queen, or: Creative Source

The endless watch

The plump moon was concealed, blanketed by the thick night clouds, but the area around his park bench was bright enough beneath the glow of the midnight streetlights. Uriel stared down at the delicate flowers in his hand. Renewal. Humans simply didn't know how good they had it. This newest assignment was considered quite prestigious,… Continue reading The endless watch

Above the foaming clouds

Albadawi picked at his food, not reacting to Baba's saturnine work story. To his left, Jada entertained his baby sister with boring folklore. Turning inwards, the youngster filtered out the family's endless chatter, imagining himself soaring freely above the foaming clouds, mounted atop a massive flying fish. This piece of flash fiction was written in… Continue reading Above the foaming clouds

A sealed memory

Lillian nearly completed her circuit around the tiny shop when a shiny moka pot with a discount sticker caught her eye. Oddly, it reminded her of a similar, hazy construct from her dream the night before. At least… maybe it had been a dream? The image in her mind's eye felt mysteriously important, like the… Continue reading A sealed memory

Unsealed by candlelight

Professor Roonwardl was kind and boyishly handsome but much too loquacious for his own good, smirked Elspeth to herself. Having gotten the answer she'd wanted, the young wizard separated herself from the flock of girls surrounding their new instructor and hurried toward the library. According to Roonwardl's description, the Book of Two was, as she'd… Continue reading Unsealed by candlelight