REBLOG: ‘Faith’ by Sangeetha S.

Poem: Faith defies. The lie, Open, unconcealed, Glaring, baring all; a smooth attack, In fact, smirking, conciliating; So what? If you can’t Take it, don’t rant Take it cool There are no rules Girl…Grow up Grow one It’s just fun I smile. For the while it takes for me to break, seek the deceit in… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Faith’ by Sangeetha S.

Smooth operator, or: Lady

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. smooth operator she is cool, hot, alluring rockin' out with style confident and impressive lady believes her power Notes This is the 2nd time that I made use of the 'Mustache Set' on the Magnetic Poetry website;I deliberately chose this set because this poem was written for… Continue reading Smooth operator, or: Lady