Lonely, or: Full

My 2nd 'Magnetic Poem' haiku Wanna try? Click here. lonely stroll about the soul's full rustling colors could seed poetry Notes I am sticking with the 'Nature Poet' virtual magnet set for now because it's the least comfortable for me to use;Yesterday, I wrote my first 'Magnetic Poem' haiku, using this same set;To be honest,… Continue reading Lonely, or: Full

Fertile animal, or: Wild berry

My fourth 'Magnetic Poem' Wanna try? Click here. moist path between boughs fertile animal eating wild berry gently Notes This particular 'Magnetic Poem' takes the form of a haiku;I opted for the 'Nature Poet' magnet set for the first time.Flora and fauna are not in my poetry wheelhouse at all;Therefore, I now intend to regularly… Continue reading Fertile animal, or: Wild berry