REBLOG: ‘In Plain Sight’ by Kerfe Roig

Poem: if I could unknit, remove these protective layers—un knot the tangled breach—release all I think I know, return to pause—recollecting, listening to the air breathing in voices, called by the resonance of forest songs, expanding into organic wondering– (time knows its own creations– unburdened by clocks, the display of exactitude)– instead, re placing all… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘In Plain Sight’ by Kerfe Roig

REBLOG: ‘This World is Yours’ by Mike L. Utley

Poem: you thought you could save the world wee lad you couldn’t even save yourself those bleak nighthawk skies where dead stars fall like blood-bloated flies and fey winds howl in deafened ears a behemoth’s fetid exhalation violent and ignorant and inexorable breathe breathe it all in the sweat-soaked fear the bitter tang of futility… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘This World is Yours’ by Mike L. Utley

REBLOG: ‘Faith’ by Sangeetha S.

Poem: Faith defies. The lie, Open, unconcealed, Glaring, baring all; a smooth attack, In fact, smirking, conciliating; So what? If you can’t Take it, don’t rant Take it cool There are no rules Girl…Grow up Grow one It’s just fun I smile. For the while it takes for me to break, seek the deceit in… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Faith’ by Sangeetha S.

Clap on, or: Clap off

Blank verse in iambic pentameter My sky is dark with black stars; together, congealing into thick syrup, even as I spread my arms; distributed as sick party favors, mementos of... need; perhaps, perhaps, preferable to my own; their deafening silence clotting my ears, coursing through twisted creases, pooling in my eyes, heavy, streaming down my… Continue reading Clap on, or: Clap off

Heaven’s droppings, or: First impressions

Blank verse My favorites are the free birds that - well, you know... You know? Whereas I'm all like, 'How do I stick a whatsit into the round binkadink, wrapped in floojipples? Maybe a shibboing would do it?' I'm amazed that some of those splendid creatures don't get much attention, or sometimes are dismissed as… Continue reading Heaven’s droppings, or: First impressions

Working up a sweat with poetic forms

Experimenting with poetic forms How long does it take you to write a poem that you're truly proud of? For me, it usually takes a fair amount of time; and this has led me to a recent realization that I'd like to share. My friends and readers know that I am constantly experimenting with sundry… Continue reading Working up a sweat with poetic forms

Tree corpse, or: Ship of dreams

Trees find purchase in human remains; Some lush, some losing their leaves, some bare; but Screw the symbolism! Am I right? Or was I A seven-year-old, devastated When his beloved tree corpse, Ship of dreams and fantasy voyages to outer space, Was barbarously hacked down in cold sap For being Unsafe, supposedly; In seventh grade,… Continue reading Tree corpse, or: Ship of dreams

Mother, or: Mother

Poetry Partners #102 'Mother O’ Mother, here I Come', a poem by Hassan Safdar of 'Poetry & Narrative Writing' Mother, here I come, here I come. I know it's your day & you shall be seeing around. There I come with a gift in hand. To give you that happiness, which can’t be understood. To… Continue reading Mother, or: Mother