Gourmet beauty, or: A gaze

A 'Dizain' Luscious, thick flavors swirl and stream Marshmallow; she's flushing... so cute Waffles topped with vanilla cream Seeing her lips renders me mute My mind is blank; I taste fresh fruit I cannot tear my gaze away Swallow... mm... mango chardonnay Strawberries tease my tongue anew Her woman's come-hither hips sway She's molten chocolate… Continue reading Gourmet beauty, or: A gaze

Pre-warmth, or: The Peak of Rains

Micro-Season (Kล) for early February in Jerusalem Major Season (Sekki): "Pre-warmth" ("Ha-khom Ha-kdam") Jerusalem's "Pre-warmth" Sekki is the tail end of winter, when it is still cold, but spring is on the horizon. It follows immediately after the coldest month of the year, which is January. Micro-Season (Kล): "The Peak of Rains" ("Si Ha-g'shamim") The… Continue reading Pre-warmth, or: The Peak of Rains

Cream, or: Sugar

A Limerick There's a singular magical cherry, Without which ~ mornings could get hairy. Many who fancy caffeine Believe its seed is a bean, Which... when dried, milled & roasted makes merry! d'Verse poetics 'Always in Season' At d'Verse, poets were prompted to let fruit find its way into our poems; and as far as… Continue reading Cream, or: Sugar