Apart, or: A part

Poetry Partners #148 'Loneliness!', a poem by Artem Miachin If you will run behind me, I will run faster. You will stumble and fall lower. Raise your eyes - there is no me... If you will follow me to pursue, You will tired, step back, lower your eyes. Here I'm! (I'll kill you). And if… Continue reading Apart, or: A part

September 11. Again.

September 11. Time to commemorate โ€“ with a game. Again. Alice rewrapped the bandage around her heart, knowing it might not contain her multiform grief. Sometimes it flashed, luminous, burning; other times it was nebulous, tickling. She still remembered the day Frank had foisted his chess board upon herโ€ฆ and his deliberate blunder that swung… Continue reading September 11. Again.

Two truths, and/or: A lie

Sevenling (Have you heard of) Have you heard of 'Two Truths & a Lie'? Let's give it a go: My only sibling is 20 years younger than I; I have lots of gray hairs; I never wear shoes. Fun, right? Let's go again: I'd never intended to make my home in Israel; Israel's existence is… Continue reading Two truths, and/or: A lie