Gerard, or: Me

My first ekphrastic poem

Inspired by Gerard Richter’s ‘Abstract iii’

My fingers brush across the keys
Clickety clack, clickety clack
Symbols appear upon the screen
Clackety click, clickety 
I've nothing else but what I mean

The middle

What changes most is color scheme
Two in one, two in one
Black cloud travels to the right
One in two, one
Explodes in red like ruptured heart
Two, one, BLAM!

A d’Verse poetics prompt:

‘The Poet as Painter’

As instructed by Laura at d’Verse, the first half of my ekphrastic poem was written before I had seen the painting itself, but only with the title of the painting in mind.

After seeing Gerard Richter’s painting, I wrote ‘Through the middle’ and then went on to write the second half of my poem.