Oy vey, or: Hoyden

A limerick I resolved to parent the child my girl is, But I often sigh, thinking: "Gee Whiz..." Cuz when her peers clear the street, And boys flee in retreat, I see the neighbors smirk, "Yep, that kid's his!" d'Verse poetics: Resolving to Resolve At d'Verse, poets were prompted to weave a piece of advice… Continue reading Oy vey, or: Hoyden

Modern body image issues for young girls

A high school memory of mine I was in high school (eleventh grade, I think) when I first heard a female classmate of mine tell a friend of hers that she had recently shaved her forearms. I was shocked. "Why would you bother doing that?" I asked her. Previous to that incident I'd been aware… Continue reading Modern body image issues for young girls

Pink, or: Blue

A Nonet In the 19th century, girls were assigned blue, a 'dainty' color; pink was 'stronger', so it was assigned to boys. Today's indoctrination's different but no less ar- bi- trar- y. Nonet? A nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables, etcโ€ฆ… Continue reading Pink, or: Blue