Oil & water, or: On the inside

Poetry Partners #188 'The Water We Write', a Gogyōka by Claudine of 'LPH x Yao' 有时候是落下的雨 一桶一桶的时候是水 难过的时候有点温度有点咸 心情的雨衣 折起来不让别人发现 Poem and Artwork by LPH Sometimes it falls openly as rain, One by one, in cisterns full, it is water. In difficult times it is warm, it is salty, It does not want to be… Continue reading Oil & water, or: On the inside

The Myth of Sisyphus, or: What does it all mean?

A Gogyohka end my life adopt a belief system fabricate personal meaning face the absurdity with defiance let amused fascination light the dark Gogyōka? Five lines, but exceptionally may have four or six; Each line consists of one phrase with a line-break after each phrase or breath; No restraint on numbers of words or syllables;… Continue reading The Myth of Sisyphus, or: What does it all mean?

Winds churning, or: Wants churning

Poetry Partners #140 'WOW', A poem by Devine Success of 'Elspen Wrytes' So? What now? I can't bow nor cow like a fowl to the winds churning that would bring turnings only to be foul. Await we, without a scowl not even daring to howl till we say, how? Wow. Elspen Wrytes: https://elspenwrytes.wordpress.com/ A 'Gogyōka'… Continue reading Winds churning, or: Wants churning

Fallen, or: Swept away

Poetry Partners #131 'The Fallen', a poem by Brandon Ellrich The sun grows weary of providing warmth, And birds must bend to his whims. Leaves have betrayed their host, And fallen from their homes. The jealous wind, no longer seen, In the branches of the trees, Now sweeps through the discarded canopy, To show that… Continue reading Fallen, or: Swept away

Mary Poppins, or: Oliver Twist

Poetry Partners #121 'On my way to nowhere', a poem by Filipa Moreira da Cruz of 'De Malinha Pronta' Where are you going? Truth be told I don’t have a clue The only thing I am sure Is that I miss you So I keep walking As long as my feet Are not sore As… Continue reading Mary Poppins, or: Oliver Twist

Lucinda, Cindy, or: Lucy in the sky

Poetry Partners #106 A poem by Candace of 'Feel Her Breathing' Mother needing grace Had a daughter full of grace She said Jesus sat at the end of her bed A golden angel at her feet Lucinda was her name We called her Cindy Her sisters called her Lucy in the Sky Feel Her Breathing:… Continue reading Lucinda, Cindy, or: Lucy in the sky

Full of hope, or: Full of her

Poetry Partners #104 'Infertility', a poem by Eileen Backman of 'EmybackArt' I pray for you every night it seems, but you’ve been slow to answer. You, a tiny little speck of life, that will grow and kick and laugh and cry and change my life forever. You have a name already, but I dare not… Continue reading Full of hope, or: Full of her