Plastic, or: Fantastic

A haibun It's the little things. The new set of chairs that replaced the ones we'd bought used years ago, which were falling apart. The wireless keyboard and mouse that are both so comfortable to use and easily pack away. The container of wasabi dried peas that I've been noshing on. Today, I'm working from… Continue reading Plastic, or: Fantastic

Clamor, Stark, or: Magic

Three American sentences in 10 words I. #clamor The loud afternoon #clamor around her school makes discussions futile. II. #stark When one partner dies, #stark differences between them become starker. III. #magic Goldfish stare long enough to appreciate full, lengthy #magic shows. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American… Continue reading Clamor, Stark, or: Magic

Aquarium, or: Not

Swift swish-swishing tails and sure fins Gliding right through the shipwreck within Bumping up against walls As there's something that calls Past bones round of my small cranium d'Verse Open Link Night For dโ€™Verse OLN #310, Iโ€™m sharing the above limerick, which I wrote back in September โ€™20โ€ฆ The limerick is one of the few… Continue reading Aquarium, or: Not

Falling, or: Floating

Sevenling (Our daughter fell) Our daughter fell sick last week on Shabbat (Saturday). She had a fever; was coughing heavily; and had no appetite. Our goldfish has taken to resting at the surface of its aquarium; always in the same corner; sometimes tilted a bit sideways. The two spent a lot of time together. The… Continue reading Falling, or: Floating

Theology, or: Perspective

My 2nd Clogyrnach A narrative poem My God's far beyond my beyond But to his presence I respond Oft He shows His love Light streams from above My beloved I'm so fond He drops flakes of manna for me Showering generosity Towards them I swim Towards the Great Rim My tears brim So meekly He… Continue reading Theology, or: Perspective

Limits of reality, or: Word fish

My first bagua poem rim where water licks surface air above rim side invisible but known existence only this side cornered word fish always turns to next corner edges clear to big shapes peering through edges side through which small sails visible before side edging in through hollow plastic hull near edge corner plant stiff… Continue reading Limits of reality, or: Word fish