Massive, disgusting cocoons

Adebamgbe looked out across the hills wistfully, the wind blowing over his scalp. The Usman family had owned this tract for generations, but he was far too young to be inheriting it. Tears fell from the youth's eyes as he recalled his family. Only he had survived; scientists didn't know why the parasites had rejected… Continue reading Massive, disgusting cocoons

REBLOG: ‘The Ocean of Sadness’ by Nicole Smith

Poem: It laps the shore Tickling your feet In an uncomfortable way. Sometimes it comes up to your knees, The water is cold. Churning. The sand running between your toes As the water ebbs and flows. Sometimes you are bobbing in the waves, Your head barely managing to stay above The crashing waves Occasionally you… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘The Ocean of Sadness’ by Nicole Smith

REBLOG: ‘Tolling Bells’ by Ingrid Wilson

Poem: And all we hear are tolling bells telling fortunes, wishing wells well-wishers washed in pools of tears all eyes and ears all eyes and ears Are turned towards the funeral the heart has had its coronal* as silence ends the reign of years the sky rains tears the sky rains tears We listen at… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Tolling Bells’ by Ingrid Wilson

I’ll not think of you

d’Verse prosery I’ll not think of you at breakfast; this morning is a different thing. Still, I'd rather not have blueberry pancakes with whipped cream today. Also, I'll not think of you while shopping on Thursday for Shabbat Friday night dinner; this week is a different thing; but... I don't think I'll purchase your favorite… Continue reading I’ll not think of you

Clarity, or: Convergence

A haibun My Papa died over four years ago; and I wrote a very public series of blog posts on The Times of Israel during my traditional year-long recitation of the "Mourner's Kaddish" in his honor, as is noted on Papa's Wikipedia page. The Skeptic's Kaddish blog, which you are now visiting, was born of… Continue reading Clarity, or: Convergence

Loose threads, or: The needle

An Ovillejo Papa said men should not be swine; He drew a line; Papa said law differs from good; I understood; Papa said I should plan ahead; I lost the thread- Winging my way through life instead; I think back to all he would say, Increasingly... as I turn gray; He drew a line; I… Continue reading Loose threads, or: The needle

Departures, or: Arrivals

Poetry Partners #128 Pat Schneider: 'The Patience of Ordinary things' 'Four Points of Departure (senryū inspired by excerpts from 'The Patience of Ordinary Things' by Pat Schneider)', a poem by Stephanie Malley of 'serendippitysays' i. How the cup holds the tea a test of patience to spend all your days drinking hot tea from… Continue reading Departures, or: Arrivals

September 11. Again.

September 11. Time to commemorate – with a game. Again. Alice rewrapped the bandage around her heart, knowing it might not contain her multiform grief. Sometimes it flashed, luminous, burning; other times it was nebulous, tickling. She still remembered the day Frank had foisted his chess board upon her… and his deliberate blunder that swung… Continue reading September 11. Again.