Clarity, or: Convergence

A haibun My Papa died over four years ago; and I wrote a very public series of blog posts on The Times of Israel during my traditional year-long recitation of the "Mourner's Kaddish" in his honor, as is noted on Papa's Wikipedia page. The Skeptic's Kaddish blog, which you are now visiting, was born of… Continue reading Clarity, or: Convergence

Loose threads, or: The needle

An Ovillejo Papa said men should not be swine; He drew a line; Papa said law differs from good; I understood; Papa said I should plan ahead; I lost the thread- Winging my way through life instead; I think back to all he would say, Increasingly... as I turn gray; He drew a line; I… Continue reading Loose threads, or: The needle

Departures, or: Arrivals

Poetry Partners #128 Pat Schneider: 'The Patience of Ordinary things' 'Four Points of Departure (senryลซ inspired by excerpts from 'The Patience of Ordinary Things' by Pat Schneider)', a poem by Stephanie Malley of 'serendippitysays' i. How the cup holds the tea a test of patience to spend all your days drinking hot tea from… Continue reading Departures, or: Arrivals

September 11. Again.

September 11. Time to commemorate โ€“ with a game. Again. Alice rewrapped the bandage around her heart, knowing it might not contain her multiform grief. Sometimes it flashed, luminous, burning; other times it was nebulous, tickling. She still remembered the day Frank had foisted his chess board upon herโ€ฆ and his deliberate blunder that swung… Continue reading September 11. Again.

Memories slow, or: Pick up pace

Poetry Partners #124 A poem by Christine Bialczak of 'Stine Writing and Miniatures' Memories slow after the sadness subsides but pick up pace while time passes by Creating an ebb and flow of grief of sadness of happiness of love Memories keep time moving forward. Stine Writing and Miniatures: A Waltz Wave by ben… Continue reading Memories slow, or: Pick up pace

Mary Poppins, or: Oliver Twist

Poetry Partners #121 'On my way to nowhere', a poem by Filipa Moreira da Cruz of 'De Malinha Pronta' Where are you going? Truth be told I donโ€™t have a clue The only thing I am sure Is that I miss you So I keep walking As long as my feet Are not sore As… Continue reading Mary Poppins, or: Oliver Twist

Last phone call, or: Blue stained glass

Poetry Partners #110 'Last Phone Call', a poem by Mary Anne Abdo of 'Blue Stained Glass' One call, four lines. "Dad, can you hear us?" "Mom is outside of your bedroom window. She wants to say, 'Hello!'" Hearing his wife banging on the window, "Marty can you hear me?" Only an inaudible acknowledgement rang over… Continue reading Last phone call, or: Blue stained glass

Lucinda, Cindy, or: Lucy in the sky

Poetry Partners #106 A poem by Candace of 'Feel Her Breathing' Mother needing grace Had a daughter full of grace She said Jesus sat at the end of her bed A golden angel at her feet Lucinda was her name We called her Cindy Her sisters called her Lucy in the Sky Feel Her Breathing:… Continue reading Lucinda, Cindy, or: Lucy in the sky