To fetch a pail of water, or: Tumbling after

A limerick For the umpteenth time, Jack sent contrite verse, But to excuses Jill had grown much averse; He'd changed since hitting his crown, Swinging his pail around town... She'd come to yearn for a man loyal and terse! Image credit:Leighann Blackwood (Unsplash) What do you see #177 For WDYS #177, Sadje invites us to… Continue reading To fetch a pail of water, or: Tumbling after

Update: relief and guilt

As some of you know, I have been working at three jobs (one full-time, two part-time) since I began my new, full-time job back in early May. One of my two part-time jobs is my work for my rabbi, whom I've been working for since 2010; the other part-time job is for my former full-time… Continue reading Update: relief and guilt