Rosemary, or: Za’atar

A haibun Growing up, Israel was where I went with my parents to visit our extended family; I always felt comfortable here as a boy. Still, despite my having been born in Jerusalem, Israel was not home. On my visits, I felt myself an American Jewish tourist. Having now lived in Israel for upwards of… Continue reading Rosemary, or: Za’atar

Budapest, or: Home again

A haibun bright breezy spring sun outdoor seating brings relief after museum Well, we're back at home in Jerusalem. During our last (half) day in Budapest, we visited the Retro Interactive Museum, which was amazing. This was the fourth museum we visited (the others were the Museum of Illusions, the Museum of Sweets & Selfies,… Continue reading Budapest, or: Home again

Budapest, or: Unused cheap umbrellas

A haibun parks and streets offer respite from windswept river (as does cruise ship bar) Apartment >> Hungarian Parliament Building >> Chocolate Museum >> Margaret Bridge >> Margaret Island >> walk along the Buda shore >> Elisabeth Bridge >> evening cruise on the Danube >> video game arcade in city center >> ride on the… Continue reading Budapest, or: Unused cheap umbrellas

Budapest, or: Down on the river

A haibun blown dandelions coins tossed in drizzled fountains wishes for more time Today, we walked through the streets of the Jewish Quarter in Budapest and took a tour of the Dohรกny Street Synagogue (the largest synagogue in Europe) and adjacent, very tastefully constructed Raoul Wallenberg Holocaust Memorial Park before visiting the much smaller Kazinczy… Continue reading Budapest, or: Down on the river

Budapest, or: Ice latte sunshine

A haibun ice latte sunshine sparkles beguile from chain bridge Buda's lush hills roll Today, the weather was sunny and warm in Budapest. Lovely. After visiting the Museum of Illusions, we made our way over to the Szรฉchenyi Chain Bridge, intending to cross the Danube to the hilly Buda side of the city, but it… Continue reading Budapest, or: Ice latte sunshine

Budapest, or: First impressions

A haibun wet sidewalks glisten languages rush as tourists eschew umbrellas We arrived for a week's vacation in Budapest this evening, and I find the city lovely- certainly very, very vibrant. Of course, that's because we've rented an apartment in the city center, putting us right in the middle of all the action. The weather… Continue reading Budapest, or: First impressions

Ten, or: Twelve minutes

A 'haibun' bus stop offers shade ten minute sunny spring walk less than appealing In another week or two, by my estimates, my mornings will be less confusing. However, even as recently as two weeks ago, the skies in Jerusalem opened up and water rushed through the ill-prepared streets. Then, even when it wasn't raining,… Continue reading Ten, or: Twelve minutes

Opportunity, or: Onus

A haibun Last week, unexpectedly, I had the privilege of participating in a two-day public speaking training. The workshop was intended for a limited number of fundraising employees who directly interact with donors, which definitely does not include the writing team. However, as one of my colleagues was unable to participate due to unfortunate health… Continue reading Opportunity, or: Onus