Contest, or: Confusion

Poetry Partners #141 A senryu series by Veera of 'The Forgers of Fantasy' Pumpkins shimmering, An array of bright orange, Brilliant eyes glowing. Vampires soaring high, Razor sharp fangs glimmering, Red capes unfurling. Ghosts floating about, Clocking humans to prey on, Glowing a faint white. Dead bodies rising, Witches flying with broomsticks, Skeletons dancing. Heart… Continue reading Contest, or: Confusion

Life, the Universe, or: Everything

My 1st Duodora Oh, you believe that? Well, if it comforts you, that's wonderful. My perception and understanding of Life, the Universe and Everything are different, but you can respect that, right? Oh, you believe in Divine providence? How about the Devil, demons, ghosts, evil spirits, witches, and vampires? More power to you. Those are… Continue reading Life, the Universe, or: Everything