The Paris flight

Merle's muscles loosened, as the notes of Delibe's "Flower Duet" wafted into the bathroom. Lakmรฉ was her favorite opera. The Paris flight would be leaving now; and Merle wouldn't see Luca again for at least another week. Her unfaithful husband's "extended business trips" regularly dragged on for undefined stretches; their most recent bitter disagreement of… Continue reading The Paris flight

Fast, or: Furious

Poetry Partners #16 A blitz poem by Kunjal of 'Duo Disseminators' Come now. Come quick. Quick child. Quick to pick. Pick your will. Pick cheap. Cheap racket. Cheap thrill Thrill ride. Thrills in count. Count anything. Count everything. Everything is much. Everything busts. Bust sale. Bust on picks. Pick there. Pick and steal! Steal from… Continue reading Fast, or: Furious

And, shall we say… proclivities

dโ€™Verse prosery "Ezekiel, we've assigned eight of our best to the transport, and the prisoner will be securely restrained and blindfolded. They've been briefed on Elijah's history and, shall we say... proclivities. We've ordered them to keep their distance. So, if all do their duty, they need not fear harm. Nobody could possibly escape those… Continue reading And, shall we say… proclivities

Hate, or: Meh…

A hay(na)ku hate doesn't catalyze my creative processes Muri's "August Scavenger Hunt" As much as I love Murisopsis (and I do!), I'm not actively participating in her "August Scavenger Hunt" because I've been keeping myself busy by striving to get through an entire year's worth of #APoemADay on my Twitter account, on top of responding… Continue reading Hate, or: Meh…