Through my eyes, or: In your arms

My 1st sijo Carry me to safety in your arms \\ to somewhere far away Where is your reassuring smile \\ which always soothes me so? What if COVID gets in through my eyes \\ when I cry in fear? Notes My intent was to write a sijo poem related to the global pandemic;The poem… Continue reading Through my eyes, or: In your arms

Received: 2nd COVID-19 vaccine shot

... and I feel fine It has been more than a week since my wife and I received our 2nd vaccination shots against COVID-19, and we are both in good health and feel well (I am 41-years-old, and she is 36-years-old). After both our 1st and 2nd vaccination shots, our arms were sore at the… Continue reading Received: 2nd COVID-19 vaccine shot

Vaccine nation

Did you know? Israel leads the world in percentage of population vaccinated against COVID-19 You know, to be honest, I've known this fact about Israel for some time, but I didn't really appreciate the extent to which it is true until today - when I looked at the data online. Like many of you, I'm… Continue reading Vaccine nation

Short story: Shadows (I)

The heat was blistering, but the backs of his ankles felt particularly blistered. Sweat seemed to be beading up beneath his sandal straps, rubbing the skin raw beneath; and the sun's rays were roasting relentlessly. When was the last time he'd gone for a walk like this? Also, his clothes were drenched. Later, he'd probably… Continue reading Short story: Shadows (I)

Hosting kiddush for Papa’s 2nd yahrzeit

I can use big words and use them well, but I'm also a childish creature and feel that the quality of my writing often conceals my smallness. Papa's 2nd yahrzeit (anniversary of death) is just around the corner. The official Hebrew date falls out on July 16th - next Thursday. This coming Shabbat morning (July… Continue reading Hosting kiddush for Papa’s 2nd yahrzeit

The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 47

Two weeks ago a middle-aged woman approached me at the back of the sanctuary, as I was readying to head home for havdalah.I've been thinking about you recently. You must be nearly done by now... I'm almost at the end of my eleven months.I recognized her immediately - the rabbi's daughter (blog #3). She had… Continue reading The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 47