Needles, or: Threads

My 1st 'Wounded Couplet' Some dark traumas persist; they'll never heal; Unreachable festering maroon wounds Linger 'til people die, Spasming against the wills they are bound by. Our drugs such soul-griefs can never obtund; We're human for those deep twinges we feel. Robust hearts absorb, beating through the pain; Our strongest their heartbreaks learn to… Continue reading Needles, or: Threads

Things, or: Multitudes

Poetry Partners #129 'things I kept for you', a prose poem by 'musingsbymac' some things I kept for you (and only you): a toothbrush in my medicine cabinet, extra bottles of Montepulciano, a bedroom bucket list, weekly laundered bedsheets, refrigerator grapes, mirror selfies, chocolate Hรคagenโ€“Dazs, a homemade birthday token, half & half creamer, the series… Continue reading Things, or: Multitudes